Friday, November 20, 2015

Stock up on Cranberries Now!

Now they're everywhere and cheap. I usually buy about 5 bags to last until next year. I occasionally make cranberry sauce. But I mostly use them to put in my smoothie bags.

Note: They're EXTREMELY BITTER so a little goes along way.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Holidays Are Coming...Are You Ready?

Tonight we did a Healthy Holiday Cooking/Eating event at SonRISE Therapy.  We are so grateful for Dr. Sonja Shavers for letting us come and teach a class.  Here are a few tips from the evening:
  1. Eat Only The Foods You Desire
  2. Prepare and Have a Plan for out of town visits.  Where will you or what will you eat on those non-holiday days?
  3. Eat slowly/savor your food.
  4. Bring something that you know you can eat to the event
  5. Plus many more tips and ideas...

Friday, November 6, 2015

Great Documentaries about Health

CNBC Originals: One Nation Overweight
Fed Up
Fat Sick and Nearly Dead
Forks Over Knives
Food Matters
Hungry For Change
Killer At Large Gerson Miracle
Soul Food Junkies

Forks Over Knives Presents: The Engine 2 Kitchen Rescue
To Market to Market to Buy a Fat Pig
King Corn
Colony (about why bees are imp.)
A River of Waste
Save The Farm
Food Beware : The French Organic Revolution
Bag It
The Garden

Supersize Me
Why Christians Get Sick book written by george malkmus
Wheat Belly book by Dr. Davis or visit his website a t